A dressing evening with Juliet Rylance as Perdita from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale

Besides courses, the School is doing events regularly : evening dressings by candlelight, conferences and study days, during which original objects from the Collection and reconstructions are usually displayed.

More recently, in order to open up the collection to a wider audience, exhibitions are being organised twice a year on selected days, with free entry for all.

The first exhibition, ‘Our Collection by Colour No. 1 WHITE’, included displays on ‘Ruffs’, ‘Muslin’ and ‘New Fashions from Old’. The Summer 2023 exhibition, No. 2 BLUE, will focus on zero-waste versus wasteful use of fabric in cutting clothes.

‘The Patterns of Fashion Festival on the 1st to 4th December 2023, will be held at Conway Hall in Red Lion Square, Bloomsbury and at our School in Lambeth Road, Waterloo. 
There will be presentations, dressing demonstrations, an exhibition and tours of our school.  We will be celebrating the work of Janet Arnold and the publication of all six books in her Patterns of Fashion series in colour editions by our School. In addition we will be announcing our new series of books, the ‘Case Study’ series, together with our new annual School of Historical Dress Awards.
Bookings are open ON OUR WEBSHOP HERE. Due to limited space in our School, at the moment the 3-hours time slots for days 3 and 4 are only available to attendees of the first two days. We may release more seats a couple of weeks before the event depending on availability, as well as for the evening event only, on 1 December.

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The School does not have regular opening hours and is not open for visit except during courses, exhibitions or special events.