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School of Historical Dress

Since Autumn 2011 we have offered short courses on the following subjects:

How to Design a Historical Character

Exploring Flat Pattern Drafting

An Introduction to the Study of Historical Dress 1500-1900

The Nature of Fabrics 1400 – 1800

Tailoring Stitches & Techniques 1400-1800

From Jacks to Jumps; Quilted Garments 1350 – 1800

Felt-making for Hats 1400 – 1900

The Art of the Seamstress 1500 – 1900

Historical Stitching & Decorative Techniques on Leather 1400-1600

The Cut & Construction of 15th Century Men’s Doublets

An Introduction to European Men’s Dress 1500-1550

The Cut & Construction of the Italian Sottana (Kirtle) in the 1540s

Embroidery on Garments 1525 – 1625

The Cut & Construction of Men’s Doublets 1580-1620

The Cut of Men’s Hose 1600-1620

The Design, Construction and Use of Renaissance Armour

Early 17th Century Underpinnings

Making, Starching & Setting an Elizabethan Ruff

Wig-making 1600 – 1800

Pockets for Men & Women 1600 – 1900

18th Century Underpinnings – Stays & Hoops

Hoops & Rumps 1750 -1790

The Cut & Construction of Stays 1750–1790

The Cut & Construction of Late 18th Century Women’s Clothing (Free Courses)

The Cut & Construction of 18th Century Men’s Breeches

The Nature of Fabrics 1800 – 1900

An Introduction to the Study of Historical Dress 1850-1900

Dress Decorations of the 1860s & 1870s

1860s Corsetry

The Cut & Construction of Corsets 1880-1900

Bustles 1885 – 1890

Late Victorian Dress-making Techniques

Madeleine Vionnet & The Art of Draping 1910 – 1940

Good Plain Sewing – The Craft of the Home Dress-maker 1900 – 1950




Two Timetables of Previous Courses

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School of Historical Dress


Tuesday 2nd April 2013

9.00am                Registration and coffee

10.00am              Introductory talk

11.00am              Taking measurements and pinning body blocks on male models

1.00pm                Lunch

2.00pm                Drafting demonstration for a peascod-fronted doublet

4.00pm                Drafting demonstration for a flat-fronted doublet

6.00pm                Finish

Wednesday 3rd April 2013

9.00am                Drafting ½ size doublet pattern

1.00pm                Lunch

2.00pm                Cutting interlinings

3.00pm                Quilting demonstration and pad-stitching full-size doublet

6.00pm                Finish

Thursday 4th April 2013

9.00am                Drafting and cutting laps, wings and collar

1.00pm                Lunch

2.00pm    Cutting and basting full-size doublet

6.00pm    Finish

Friday 5th April 2013

9.00am                Fitting the full-size doublet on male model

10.00am  Post-fitting alterations

11.00am  Stitch techniques on sampler

1.00pm                Lunch

2.00pm                Cutting and stitching full-size doublet

6.00pm                Visit to the V&A Museum to study doublets and hose on display

Saturday 6th April 2013

9.00am                Working on the full-size doublet

1.00pm                Lunch

2.00pm                Decorative techniques and application of braid

6.00pm                Finish


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School of Historical Dress


Saturday 23rd March 2013

9.30am     Registration and coffee

10.00am    Overview of dress 1850-1880

10.30am    Women’s clothing and accessories 1850-65 from the Hopkins Collection

11.30am    Close inspection of extant clothing and accessories 1850-65

12 noon    Lunch

1.00pm     Women’s clothing and accessories 1865-80 from the Hopkins Collection

2.00pm     Close inspection of extant clothing and accessories 1865-80

2.30pm     Tea

3.00pm     Lace 1850-1900 – making bobbin lace with Christine Prentis

4.00pm     Patterns 1850-1900 with Jenny Tiramani

4.30pm     Taking patterns from extant garments with Jenny Tiramani

5.30pm     Finish

Sunday 24th March 2013

9.30am     Coffee

10.00am   Men’s clothing and accessories 1850-1900 from Robert Whorley’s Collection

10.45am   Overview of women’s clothing and accessories 1880-1900

11.15am   Women’s clothing and accessories 1880-90 from the Hopkins Collection

12 noon    Close inspection of extant clothing and accessories 1865-80

12.30pm   Lunch

1.30pm     Plain sewing 1850-1900

2.00pm     Sewing machines from the period with John Langdon from the International

Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society

3.00pm     Tea

3.30pm     Women’s clothing and accessories 1890-1900 from the Hopkins Collection

4.30pm     Close look at extant clothing and accessories 1890-1900

5.00pm     Finish

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